Cats - New Products Wed, 24 Jul 2013 18:35:00 GMT Cat Toys - Considerations for Selection Wed, 24 Jul 2013 18:35:00 GMT <p> There are a lot of choices for cats when it comes to toys.  KV Supply tries to stock excellent, quality items for cats that are safe and effective.  The challenge exists when a cat is too aggressive towards the item which can result in it becoming damaged.  Damaged parts can become a potential hazard.  So when you are selecting a new item, always take into consideration the way your cat plays with new toys.  If your cat tends to do a significant amount of chewing and tearing, make sure the item is extra tough.  String and feather items are great but only for the less aggressive cat and even then, those items still need supervision.</p> <p> Some dog toys will work for cats too, but the real neat items for cats are in the cat section towards the rear of the catalog.  Look at all of the cat interactive items first.  These types of toys can keep cats from becoming bored and potentially destructive.  Some toys may use catnip or movement to create interest in the toy.  The mouse that moves when the cat touches it might stimulate the overweight cat to become more active and help it to lose weight.  So toys have the potential to provide distinct health benefits.</p> <p> Does your cat have a favorite type of toy?  Tell us about it by posting the details in the Toys & Fun section of the Cat Forums of KV Supply University.  Better yet, post a photo or video of your cat playing with the toy in the Cat Photos & Video section.</p> Blog:ecf1c89f-07b2-47f6-8982-d20c86790f38Post:85d8f4a9-dddb-4cf7-b450-cf12283c921d